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At Unishop we are passionate about doing anything we can to promote sustainable development. We believe that both nature and humans should be handled in a sustainable and equitable manner. Therefore, to contribute to the well-being of both the earths climate and our employees, we have developed strategies for this particularly, which you can read more about here.


To offset our climate footprint, for each product sold from both our organic and other lines, we will plant at least one tree on Kimito Island in the Finnish Archipelago. The trees are planted 1-2 times per year. In this way, our customers are also able to contribute to the environment through their purchases. Because of our pursuit of a climate-positive future, we encourage our customers to choose our sustainable and organic products.


Our company utilizes drop-shipping as a delivery method, which means sending the product directly from the factory to the customer. By using drop-shipping instead of keeping our own stock, we minimize both our shipment impact as well as the risk of overflow products. Our collaboration partner uses recycled plastics in 50% of transport packaging. This was at the beginning of the year 2021, so the number is increasing all the time. We encourage friends to order together rather than individually as it further minimizes transport and reduces the climate footprint.

Social sustainability

We have chosen our drop-shipping partner for the ecological aspects but also because their blank prints which they produce are certified with social sustainability accreditation. This also means that the workers at the garment factories have proper pay, legally standardized working hours and they do not use child labor. We want every single person connected to the Unishop supply chain to have a rewarding working life and over-all wellbeing.

2 x planting

The main difference between online and traditional shops’ CO2 emissions lies in ordering more products from online stores than you would normally buy from brick-and-mortar retail stores. This causes online shops’ carbon emissions per product to be slightly greater. To offset this, we wish that each customers could buy multiple products at once, either personally or together with friends. Then emissions are reduced by 30% per product. If you do that, we will plant double the number of trees.

1 product per order = 1 tree

2 products per order = 2 trees , 3 products = 6 trees, etc.



At Unishop, we want all our employees to thrive and prosper. We believe that it is the team working together that leads to success, but to perform and achieve that little extra, each members need to feel heard and appreciated. That is why we are actively working to create as rewarding and inclusive a working environment as possible for the team to prosper.

Ecological products

To contribute to sustainable development we provide a line of ecological products . These products are made of renewable and/or recycled material that are more durable alternatives compared to, for example, the traditionally sourced cotton, but with the same quality. These products are a way for us to reduce our climate footprint and achieve a more sustainable business model.

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